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Littlehale-Sweeney-Jackson Place
Post Office Square
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From the Newry Profiles:  Families living in the old homestead go back at least to the 1850 census which list a Barker at this location.    Family names included Barker, then Smith, Littlehale, Sweeney’s in the 1920’ and 30’s followed by Jackson and then Morin. 


Development of the farm property where pasture and hay land had been left to grow into pines, popple and gray birch was laid  out by Burton Newton (Investment Enterprises).  Homes were first built in what became to be known as Coombs Village during the 1960’s after the Sunday River Skiway opened. 


The Post Office:  Sunday River from the beginning of postal service was served by a Bethel or North Bethel Post Office.  Mail addressed to Newry residents went to one of two post offices in the Bear River section of the town.  The two post offices named Newry had service areas that included Newry Corner and North Newry.  When Bob Davis retired as Postmaster for North Newry the Bear River area was served by the Newry Corner Post Office.  Sunday River however was served by Bethel RFD mail deliveries.


North Bethel at one period had a post office at Swan’s Corner and Sunday River census reports in the 19th Century were identified with that post office.  It was not until the 1990’s that a post office was approved for Sunday River and all Newry mail goes through it.  Development of the mini mall and post office buildings shown in the photo on the left were done by ???

Rectangular Callout: The farm house and barn known as the Littlehale, Sweeney, Clifton Jackson place near the intersection of  Skiway Rd and Sunday River Road became Post Office Square in 1995 (?).  From this Google photo one can see the roads outlining Coombs Village.  The village is a development of the Sweeney farm which was all pasture as late as the early 1940’s.

Littlehale Sweeney Jackson place—Sunday River Sketches—Julia Fleet photo 1947

Post Office Square—Newry Post Office and three retail stores 2008—Donald Bennett photo











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