Text Box: A Brief History of Sunday River
Riley-Trask-Bean Farm

1830’s and maybe earlier, this set of farm  buildings overlooked the road from Bethel to Riley. 


The Rob Bean family farm as it looked in the 1930’s and 40’s.  The top photo comes from the Martha Fifield/Bethel Historical Society collection. Taken circa 1935(?).

Barker Brook flowed across the fields to the right and just out of sight in the photo—it flowed into Sunday River about one-quarter mile from the road.


Mrs. Julia Fleet took this photo in 1946 when the farm was owned by Robert M. Bean.  Previously it was owned by Loren Trask and before that by Edward (Reily) Riley.  Edward Reily was the son of Luke Riley who born in Ireland.  Riley plantation may have been named for him. 


It is thought that Edward or Luke Riley, Ed’s father, built the house about 1830. Luke Riley may have run the South Newry Post Office from here.


Robert Bean was a dairy farmer; he sold his milk to my father, Riverside Farms in Bethel. He was a Newry selectman for eight years. 


Edward Riley (or Reily) was a selectman for three terms.  His father, Luke, had also been a Newry selectman and town clerk in the years 1806 to 1825.



Until skiing turned seasonal focus from summer to winter, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, picnicking and berrying drew small parties of vacationers and natives into the valley’s streams and hills.  Now it is quiet in the summers except for more construction noise.  Eating and drinking places are closed until cold temperatures and snowmaking bring the winter warriors back for their time of the year.


The Matterhorn Ski  Bar—open only after skiers return—stands on the former Bean homestead lot. 

The business came to this site after first being located in Bethel.  It is owned by Delfina Corp.


In 2006, this property was further subdivided to form a development known as Starwood


Barker Brook runs adjacent to this property; it was previously named Riley  Brook, probably owing to longtime Riley residence near it. 

Rectangular Callout: Bean farm / Matterhorn
Rectangular Callout: Barker (Riley) Brook
Rectangular Callout: Approx Bethel/Newry town line
Rectangular Callout: Sunday River

This is a Google Earth image of Sunday River and Sunday River Road from the Bethel—Newry town line showing the location of “the old Riley-Trask-Bean” place.