Text Box: Text Box: A Brief History of Sunday River
March 1, 2009



Luke Reily

Orlando Israel Fifield

Alonzo and Martha Fifield, farmer

Mehitable Russell

Israel and Comfort Russell, farmer

Frederick Russell, house carpenter

Roscoe Alonzo Fifield

David F. and Sarah Bennett, farmer

Stillman Littlehale

Augustus Littlehale

Greenlief Emery

C Owen and Lucy Demeritt


Frank E. Verrill

Edward F. Verrill

George Ramsey

Solomon S and Dolly Pingry, farmer

William H and Clarissa Pingree, farmer

Jonathan  and Mary Leavitt, farmer

Franklin Leavitt, farmer

Leonard Leavitt, farmer

Alexander Leavitt, farmer

Jacob and Olive Bartlett, farmer

Silas W. and Elizabeth Bumpus, farmer

Dudley Foster, farmer

Mary Pingree

Stephen C and Ann Pingree, farmer

Luther and Betsey Littlehale, farmer

Julia Fifield Stearns

Henry Jordan (1)

James Eames

Moses  Coburn, Sr. (2)

Lot S. Coburn

John P. Coburn

Reuben T and Maria Sargent, farmer

Christopher Sargent, farmer

Reuben Sargent, farmer

Aaron Sargent, farmer




(1) Jordan Brook named for him.

(2) Revolutionary War Vet.

(3) Names in brown type listed 1850 census; children not in this list.



Eliphalet, Jr., and Hannah  Burbank, farmer (town line Bethel/Newry)

Jesse and Lydia Barker, mason

Mark T. Barker, mason

Aaron and Sarah Smith, farmer

Frederick Ballard, age 87 (pauper)

Moses and Hannah Coburn, farmer

Elisha and Sarah Bartlett, farmer

John Bartlett, farmer

Moses C Bartlett, house carpenter

Elisha Bartlett, Jr., farmer

Hiram and Emily Bartlett, physician

Edward and Martha Riley, farmer

Joseph and Lydia Barker, farmer

Alexander and Rosina Barker, trader

Josiah and Mary Atherton, farmer

George Atherton, farmer

Jesse Barker, farmer

Justus J and Marcia Kendall, farmer

Frederick and Polly Bennett, farmer

John P and Nancy Bennett, farmer

Nathaniel K. Bennett, farmer

Joseph and Mary Jackson, farmer

Reuben and Dolly Eames, farmer

Urban and Polly York, farmer

William and Eliza Williamson, farmer

Joshua and Anna Littlehale, farmer

Isaac Littlehale, farmer

James and Parney Eames, farmer

Levi F Eames, cabinet maker

Benjamin R Eames, farmer

Elihu and Maria Leavitt, farmer

Joseph R and Lorena Littlehale, farmer

Hosea Littlehale, farmer

Alexander (Jr.,) and Huldah Eames, trader

Reuben B and Salome Foster, farmer

Calvin Littlehale, farmer

Asa and Beulah Foster, farmer

Stephen Foster, farmer

Elhanan and Mehitable Foster, farmer

Melvin and Frances Stowe, farmer

Andrew N and Olive Stowe, farmer

Andrew N, Jr., and Polly Stowe, farmer

Joel and Marcia Foster, farmer

Joel Foster, Jr., farmer












James Locke

Charles R. Locke

Timothy Hastings

Josiah Atherton

Ebenezer Eames

Hepsabiah  Eames

St. John and Elizabeth Hastings

Luther and Abigail Eames

Nathaniel and Mahitable Swan

Joshua Swan

Thatcher York

John M and Pauline Philbrook

Scarborough (?)

Stanley and ? Roberts

Franklin Harrington

W. Eames

Walter Emery

O.C Frost

Horatio R. Godwin

Roger Reynolds

Alden and Mabel Kennett

The Yates Family

Ray and (?) Cotton

Charles Swan