June 1768—Commonwealth of Massachusetts grants a township of land called Sudbury Canada to Josiah Richardson who represented 75 petitioners. Township situated on both sides of the Androscoggin River.

September 1780—Benjamin  Barker, of Methuen, Mass., settles on unappropriated land bordering Sunday River north of Sudbury Canada

August 1781— Indians from St. Francis Indian village in Canada raid Barker’s house and continue on to attack inhabitants of Sudbury Canada living near the Androscoggin River.

May 30, 1787—ten settlers of Sunday River Plantation in a petition by Jonathan Barker—residents of unappropriated lands lying northerly of township granted to Josiah Richardson—800 acres—intent to unite with Sudbury Canada.

February 1, 1796—Sarah Bostwick, a widow of Middletown, County of Monmouth, State of New Jersey, paid the Commonwealth of Massachusetts $4,720.17 for 26,830 acres , a tract of land called Letter A (later Newry) in the County of York.

August 15, 1796—first Bethel town meeting held at Amos Hastings house (Middle Interval).

November 5, 1805—first Newry town meeting held at Capt. Benjamin Barker’s house (Sunday River).

1806— Mountain Road connecting Bear River and Sunday River inhabitants built—road discontinued in 1917 due to cost of maintenance necessary for safe automobile use.

1837 Census of Riley—ten heads of households; total population , 58.

March 7, 1842—first Riley town meeting held at the house of O. Isreal  Fifield (Bull Branch).

October 4, 1869 -”Pumpkin Freshet” flood washed out the Newry Sunday River bridge.

1905—telephone lines were strung in Sunday River valley.

October 3, 1916— Stillman N. Littlehale, Clerk of Riley Plantation since 1868 dies; plantation records


November 1927— Violent thunder storm in the Vermont and Berlin, NH, area caused flooding in the Sunday River and Androscoggin River valley wiping out temporary bridges at Mayville and over Sunday River on the Bethel—Rumford Road.

December 19, 1959—Sunday River Ski Area opened with one 3,000 foot T-Bar lift.

June 7, 1965—Plan for Viking Village, 46 lots, submitted to Maine Registry of Deeds.

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