This Old House: Sunday River

Bartlett – Bean – Fisher –Roderick – Royer House

Royer and Hotopp houses on SR Road 003.JPG

Martha Fifield Wilkins (1879-1963), in Sunday River Sketches: The house was built by Enoch Bartlett, son of Ebenezer Bartlett, one of the earliest settlers of Bethel. Enoch, b. Sept. 27, 1742, came to Bethel and settled on the Dr. Timothy Carter farm at Middle Intervale. After a few years he moved to Newry. He was twice married and reared a large family. His first wife was Elizabeth Segar and his second, Anna House. It is thought he built this house at the time of his second marriage. He had twenty-one children, ten by his first wife and eleven by his second marriage. He died. Aug. 31, 1825 and his wife Anna, Aug. 27, 1868, ae. 100 yrs., 4 mo. Their graves are in the

Sunday River Cemetery, almost within sight of their home.


1. Nancy, b. Newton, Mass., Nov. 4,1766.

2. Reuben, b. Newton, April 17,1768; m. Lydia Frost.

3. Relief, b. Newton, May 2, 1769; m. Stephen Estes.

4. Submit, b. Bethel or Newry; m. Silas Powers, Sept. 12,1790.

5. Anna, m. Asa Foster.

6. Betsey, m. Richard Estes.

7. Burry, m. Ephraim Colby of Rumford.


9. Jonathan, m. (1st) (_____) Barker, (2nd) Triphena Horr.

10. Thankful, m. Charles Stearns.

11. Lucy, m. Jonathan Powers.

12. Olive, m. Nathaniel Frost.

13. Enoch, Jr. m. Sarah Hinkson.

14. Polly, m. (1st) Willoughby Russell, (2nd) Urban York.

15. Patty, m. David Sessions.

16. Naomiah, m. Rev. Mr. Tripp.

17. Apphia, m. Joseph Chase.

18. Lydia, m. Joseph Knapp.

19. Lorana, d. unmarried.

20. ? and 21. ?

ELISHA BARTLETT, son of Enoch and Anna (House) Bartlett, m. Sarah Barker and took over the farm. Elisha died here Oct. 19, 1874, ae. 77 yrs., 10 mo. Sarah, his wife, d. Aug. 31, 1877, ae. 54 yrs. 2 mo.

Elisha was a shoemaker or cobbler. Old William Williamson who came from Ireland and did fine shoemaking, said, "If all the shoemakers were burned to the stake, there'd be never a hair scorched on Elisha Bartlett!" I am unable to say how many children this couple had, but the following were among them. Children:

1. (Dr.) Hiram, b. (1815?) d. Nov. 18,1855, ae. 40 (cem. rec.).

2. John, b. (1817?) d. Oct. 31, 1889, ae. 72 yrs., 2 mo. (cem. rec.); m. Mary (_____) who m. (2nd) Al Brooks of Grafton, Maine. Ch.: Harlan, m. (____) Bailey and had a daughter.

3. Lorena D., b. (1825?) d. Nov. 6,1858, ae. 33 (cem. rec.).

4. Lura D., b. (1830?) d. Dec. 1, 1889, ae. 59 yrs., 6 mo.; m. John P. Bennett (flag at grave).

5. ELISHA, JR., b. (1829?) d. June 14,1883, ae. 54 yrs., 2 mo.

6. Moses Coburn, b. (1827?) d. March 20,1854, ae. 26 yrs., 5 mo., 14 d.

7. Olivia Coburn, b. (1822?) d. May 12,1855, ae. 32 yrs. 10 mo., 5 d.

ELISHA BARTLETT, JR., b. (1829?), d. June 14, 1883, ae. 54 yrs., 2 mo.; m. Lucretia B. Frost who d. Sept. 11, 1927, ae. 83 yrs., 14 d., after a long widowhood and useful life. She helped many a family in time of stress and illness by her efficient household ways.


1. EllaH.,d. Feb. 3, 1879, ae. 15yrs., 9 mo., 17 d. (cem. rec.).

2. Fred, m. Nellie Hutchins and lived in Bethel.

3. Ina, m. Charles Bean and lived on the home place. They were the fourth generation to live in this house. Here they had a family of three.


1. Robert, m. (1st) Bertha Weeks, (2nd) Bertha (____) and went to live on the Trask place, down the river (in 2010 the Matterhorn Ski Bar is located on the site of the R. M. Bean – Trask homestead).

2. Lillian, m. Homer Smith of Bethel and lived in Bethel.

3. Elmer,  m.  (1st) Lena Thompson  of Newry,  from  whom  he separated and married again.

The Bartlett-Bean house in Newry – Photo taken in 1934 by Anna H. Barrett.