During the 1890’s and the early 1900’s, the center of North Newry’s community consisted of the Poplar Hotel/Tavern, the District School, a church built in 1904 and the post office.  The 1880 also shows that a blacksmith shop was located just north of the Tavern on the road to Grafton Notch.


The Branch Road divided the Tavern from the school and church.


The 1880 map shows that the school house was at the corner of the Branch Road and the Bethel-Upton Road  and just south of the Branch Road.


The post office operated from the Poplar Hotel/ Tavern for 25 years.


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In 2009 all that remains of the Poplar Tavern was the weathered frame work of the gazebo.

Charles Davis stage on Main Street in Bethel.  Poplar Tavern guests could also travel on this stage from the Bethel rail  depot to the North Newry.

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