Text Box: Barn Tour September 18, 2010 Swan Barn
North Bethel


North Side


Hay fork

Hay fork ropes to trolley

Holes in loft floor for swing rope

Beam design

James Swan

Barn info: Built 1891, for $3000. by Hiram York

Mary Ellen Locke died in 1913. For many years the buildings were unoccupied.  Jim Swan said that Bion and Stella Swan moved into the house around 1926.

The Bethel Journals

Donald G. Bennett

PO Box 763

Bethel, Maine 04217


1901—Summer guests get ready for an excursion up the Sunday River valley. The collie belonged to one of the guests—Henry T. Finck.  Photo from the Crosby family collection.

An aerial view of the Locke/Swan homestead taken before the 1999 fire which destroyed the old boarding house.  The Sunday River Road lies in the foreground.  Photo courtesy of James  and Marilyn Swan