Moses Davis used a snowmobile in the winter for a while but this was not very successful.

In the earlier years of Charles Davis’s service there were three mails a week. Later there was daily mail the summer months only. After the daily mail and the star route were established in the later nineties two drivers were necessary, one staying in Bethel over night, the other in Errol. Among the assistant drivers were Frank Kendall, Warren Emery, George Chapman, Frank Ferren and Loren Glines.

Following Moses Davis, Walter Vail served as carrier for two four year terms. Ray Thompson then served two terms. George Wight served two years when he was called into the service and James Barnett completed his term. Henry Lane, the present carrier then began his work.

Among the postmasters at Newry Corner were Calvin Bisbee, Jacob A. Thurston, Frank Bisbee, Floyd Searle, L. W. Ramsell, John L. Dyer, and Mrs. Josiah Smith.

About the author: Carrie. M. Wight (1884-1962) is perhaps Bethel and Newry’s most outstanding figure in the field of education.  In 1920 she was selected to head Gould Academy’s teacher training course and became Bethel – Newry superintendent of schools in the 1940s. She wrote a History of Newry 1801-1955 which is the source of this article about Newry mail service.

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bid was unsuccessful. Robert's brother, Earl Davis, was meanwhile an R.F.D. carrier in the Bethel area for many years. Earl Davis carried the mail from 1927 until 1963,  At first, his route was to Albany and Hunts Corner, and later was extended to include most of Bethel. Another brother, Leslie, became postmaster in North Newry about 1918 or 1919, moving the office from the home % of Dennis Kilgore (now the home of Mary Tripp) to its present location. Not long after this, 1938, when Robert Davis took over post- Leslie took charge of a birch logging job on the branch and his mother, Cora E. Davis, became postmistress until she died in 1923. Mrs. Davis's husband, Sumner P. Davis, then acted as replacement until the spring of that year, when Addie Robertson was appointed as postmaster. Addie Robertson served in the job for 15 years, until master's duties.

At the time of his appointment, Robert Davis was living

in a small house, southerly of the family farm, and moved the office there. In the spring of 1942, he moved the office to its present location. For now, the post office will continue in its present function, with Mrs. Eleanor Davis continuing the family tradition as postmaster by carrying out the duties of officer in charge.

Mail on the route, formerly a Star Route, was enclosed for delivery in mail bags furnished by each individual family. These bags were placed on a post with a spring fastener, in such a manner that the Star Route driver could snatch the bags without stopping his vehicle. On his return, the bags were flung on the ground or snow, not requiring him to stop anywhere along the route.

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Charles Davis mail and passenger service vehicles in use over the years he had a mail contract.




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