St. John Hasting made the Bethel news in January of 1886 when he spoke of plans to add 28 feet to his barn and put up a silo.

In July 1888 when a reporter for the county papers was collecting news about haying methods and new techniques St. John Hastings along with farmers Benjamin Bryant and William Mason said that he used a hayfork (for lifting hay into his hay lofts) to great advantage.

In January 1889 St. John Hastings had teams operating in Albany where a steam mill would be built for lumber to be sawed, hauled to Bethel and loaded on Grand Trunk trains.

In May, it was reported that Bethel would put its road machine to work after purchasing four oxen from St. John Hastings to haul it. In September, Hastings is mentioned again in connection with the Willis steam mill in Albany.

Again in September, St. John Hastings made the news over satisfaction with his silo (constructed three years prior):  He considered his silo his most profitable investment, having cut 110 bushels of corn from just two acres. (This was at a time when silos in Maine were rare.) The last time he made news from Bethel had to do again with hauling manufactured lumber from Albany to the Bethel depot.

Although St. John Hastings was highly respected as a farmer, the St. John and Elizabeth Hastings were probably better known for the careers of four of their children, Cora and Carrie were accomplished teachers, Henry Harmon a Bethel lawyer and school administrator and Charles Hastings had a distinguished career as a division head at the Library of Congress.









Each summer Charles Hastings and family came home from Washington, D.C. to spend vacation time at the farm.

The last member of the family to reside at the farm was Major William Hastings who lived there until his death in 1939.

In the 1940’s the homestead appeared much it had in photos from earlier years, the buildings looked well maintained and well painted.  As a Bethel student riding the school bus on its rounds, I remember going there often.

























Carrie Jewett Hastings died in 1968, the last member of the St. John Hastings family.  Most of the main family are buried in the Mt. Will Cemetery.  Henry Harmon Hastings died in 1934 and is buried at Riverside Cemetery .  Charles Hastings died in 1951;  his  wife Alice died in 1948. Both are buried at Mt Will Cemetery
















Circa 1945 view of the Hastings place dooryard. Note the excellent maintenance of the buildings. The automobiles include a Cadillac, a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr sedan and a 1942 Chevrolet. The pickup truck is not readily identifiable.  Photo courtesy Norman Ferguson, Jr. who was living at the Hastings farm about the time the photo was taken.

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Charles Hastings— Bowdoin College graduation photo

Henry Harmon Hastings photo taken at time of 1931 Special Edition of the Bethel Citizen