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December 5, 2009








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John Gould at Bethel 1947

John Gould to Speak At Field Day Here


John Gould, editor of the Lisbon Enterprise, a weekly newspaper, and author of “The Farmer Takes a Wife,” will speak at the Oxford County Field Day Saturday, June 28, 1947, in Bethel. Mr. Gould is well known for his editorials and for the articles he has written and for various periodicals , as well as for his book. He had placed a second book in the hands of his publishers recently. (The House that Jacob Built)

The Field Day is eng sponsored cooperatively by the Pomona Granges and Farm Bureau of Oxford County. It will be held at Riverside Farms, Mayville, owned by Harold Bennett. In case of rain the program will take place at the Gould Academy Field House.

The morning program will begin with tours to nearby farms and homes. The county Home Demonstration Agent will conduct the homemaking tour to homes in Bethel and West Bethel. Two tours will be conducted for the men. The Forestry tour, conducted by A.D. Nutting, Extension Forester, will visit lots recently cut by P.H. Chadbourne and Edmund Smith and the Chadbourne Mill. A Dairy and Engineering tour to nearby farms will be conducted by Dick Talbot, Extension Dairy Specialist, and H.A. Leonard, County Agent.

There will be a picnic lunch at noon with hot dogs, ice cream and soda on sale.

Featured on the afternoon program will be a Drainage Ditch Blasting Demonstration at 1:30 at William Chapman’s farm (NW Bethel) put on by the Soil Conservation Service. Also at 1:30 will be 4-H club demonstrations.

(Excerpted from the Lewiston Daily Sun)

Field Day Saturday turned out to be a comfortable, sunny day.  Mr. Gould spoke to the audience of about one hundred from a table podium.  The audience was seated in folding chairs on the lawn and under the branches of old elm trees at the Bennetts’ home.

Mr. Gould talked about what went into the writing of his second book, this one about his great-grandfather Jacob Gould’s home. In the early part of his talk he told the story of just having made a trip to a ladies club on Beacon Hill in Boston to tell about his family, his writing, and about Jacob’s Gould home.  Someone from the ladies club had been attempting to get Gould to tell them what would be the title of his talk.  Gould said that he kept telling the questioner  he would speak on “How to Scald a Hog”.

At least two of John Gould’s sons came with him that day. After he had finished speaking, he and his boys were going to spend the rest of the afternoon fishing in Sunday River.