The Bethel Journals

Gerrish Families and Their Connections

Bethel Maine

February 5, 2010

The Bethel Journals is looking for any information about the various Gerrish family members who lived in the Bethel Maine area from 1800 to 1900.

Available information about Gerrish residents living in Bethel is listed below:

From William B. Lapham’s History of Bethel Maine –

Albert H Gerrish:

He was a member of the Universalist Church society in Bethel in 1859. In 1859 he was elected a member of the new Masonic lodge in Bethel and was the Chaplain in the board of officers. (Lapham)

In 1854 Albert and William Gerrish and others built a steam saw mill on the Sanborn farm.  The 1858 map of Bethel shows A.H. Gerrish & Co located in the Skillingston section of Bethel village about one-half mile from the Grover Hill Cemetery. (Lapham)

Comments:  Durham, Maine history related to Gerrish residents: Eleven of the twenty-one males who attended that school (Hill School in Durham) in 1837 became school-teachers the following winter. So writes Benjamin F. Nason who was one of the eleven. The only survivors of that company of academicians are Dr. David B. Sawyer and Albert H. Gerrish of Berlin, N. H. (Durham history)


In 1886 AH Gerrish and Mr. Green constructed an aqueduct which supplies about one hundred families in Berlin Falls (NH) and numerous business houses with water. (Berlin, NH, History)

Charles Gerrish:

Isadore B. Cross (born Sept 21, 1839) daughter of Aaron and Elvira Grover Cross married Charles Gerrish. Aaron Cross lived on the road to West Bethel in the general Skillingston village area - there is a drive-in eatery called Bethel’s Best about in the same place today.  The Cross was near Grover Hill Cemetery. (Lapham)

Grover Hill Cemetery grave sites:  Charles Gerrish, 1828-1878; Isadore B Gerrish, 1840-1921; Sarah E Gerrish, daughter, 1863  (Cemetery lots)

Charles Gerrish was a member of the Bethel militia enrolled in 1861. (Lapham)


C.C. Gerrish:


Bethel:  In 1875, C. C. Gerrish was Secretary in the Odd Fellows Lodge in Bethel. (Lapham)

Berlin NH history: In 1868 C.C. Gerrish & Co. established themselves as merchants.
C.C. Gerrish & Co. built their "great store" in 1885, at an expense of from $10,000 to $12,000. It is the finest mercantile establishment in town with annual sales of $60,000; is heated by steam, and has machinery for the manufacture of gas, by which it is lighted.  The upper story is Pythian Hall. (Berlin history)
Frederick O. Gerrish:

Frederick O. Gerrish was mustered as a musician in 1861 for the Twelfth Maine Volunteers and was dropped from the rolls. He is also listed in the Bethel history’s directory of Gould Academy alumni and was later a lumberman in Minneapolis, Minn.

Edward Gerrish: 

Mustered into Bethel’s militia in 1861 (Lapham)

J. Woodman Gerrish:

J. Woodman Gerrish was mustered into the 7th Maine Battery in 1863 and mustered out in 1865. (Lapham)

October 5, 1886:  J.W. Gerrish was one of 15 petitioners for a special town meeting to raise funds for completion of the chair factory building.

October 15, 1886:  J.W. Gerrish has bought a ranch near Jacksonville, Florida, of one thousand orange trees where he intends to migrate the last of the month.

 Supreme Judicial Court, October Term 1886:  J Woodman Gerrish, of Bethel,  was brought into court this morning by Deputy Sheriff Godwin, upon a capiases, he refused to obey a summons to appear as a witness before the Grand Jury. He was brought into court and adjudged in contempt and was ordered to pay a fine of $20. and costs of the capiases taxed at $10.65, making $30.65 in all.

Annie L. Gerrish:

Giles Ordway married Annie L. Gerrish of Bethel, daughter of William and Rachel (Whiting) Gerrish of Berlin.  Giles Ordway was born in Hanover, August 3, 1861. In Berlin, he was employed by the C.C. Gerrish & Company mercantile business and established a livery business which he ran for 10 years. In 1903, with C.M.C. Twitchell he purchased the Berlin Water Company plant.  He became treasurer and general manager of it and the Cascade Electric Light and Power Co.

Edward and Rachel Gerrish:

See above – (two items)

William Gerrish:

In 1854 Albert and William Gerrish and others built a steam saw mill on the Sanborn farm.  The 1858 map of Bethel shows A.H. Gerrish & Co located in the section of Bethel village now called Skillingston and less than one-half mile from the Grover Hill Cemetery.