Edmund C. Smith owned the 600 acres Birchmont Farm in the towns of Bethel and Mason and lies about two and one-half miles from West Bethel on the Flat Road - the former A.S. Bean farm.  

Edmund Smith was born in New York City and came to Bethel in 1916 to manage Birchmont Farm for his friend Dr. W.L. Robbins. Robbins had acquired the farm and came to Bethel in search of his health. Mr. Smith attended Trinity and Kelvin schools in New York and entered Columbia College in 1913. He spent 1911-1912 in Europe.

He came to the farm on a year of absence from Columbia but due to the owner's ill health, Mr. Smith stayed to operate the farm. The farm specialized in Guernsey cattle and in 1931 had 40 head. The chief crop was potatoes and many tons of hay was cut annually. In 1931, 30 acres of crops were under cultivation. In 1926, he married Clare S. Mason of Bethel. Mr. Smith was a Mason and member of the Grange.

1931 Special Edition of the Bethel Citizen


Edmund C. Smith

Photo—1931 Bethel Citizen

AMC Cold River Camp



"The Ledges" camp was for sale. With the aid of Mr. Edmund Smith and Mrs.

Smith, presently of West Bethel, Maine (whom Miss Elisabeth Weeks, Mrs. Charlotte

Allen, Miss Margaret Currier, Miss Ailene Lynde and Miss Polly Wood visited while

on a "Wander" from Cold River Camp), we have been able to secure more detailed

information on early beginnings and development at the present A.M.G. Cold River

Camp site. Mr. Smith came to "Ledges" camp as a 15-year-old student invited by

Dean Robbins. When the Dean was forced to retire and give up the camp, Mr. Smith

accompanied him to the Bethel farm and remained there after Dean Robbins' death.





Edmund C. Smith to Broadcast Jan 22


January 14, 1937 Every Thursday and Friday for several weeks Maine radio stations will broadcast talks during the noon hour on the soil conservation program in Maine. One of these broadcasts will be delivered in person by Edmund C. Smith of Bethel, Chairman of the Oxford County Soil Conservation Committee. Mr. Smith will go on the air over WCSH, Portland at noon on Friday,

Jan. 22

The Smith Farm—Birchmont— photo source Bethel Citizen 1931.


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