Bethel Chamber—NTL Discuss Job Ideas, 1957

Industrial Search Committee invites NTL help with problem

August 15, 1957


Recently an interesting meeting was held at Gould Academy for the purpose of discussing ideas that might help Bethel industrially and economically. NTL personnel included Dr. Leland Bradford and Dr. Ronald Lippitt (two of NTL’s founders) plus Dr. Priess, Dr. Pitkin and several members of a training group.

Bethel people were members of the original Industrial Survey Committee started by the Chamber of Commerce.

One comment noted was that NTL people showed genuine concern for the town while only a short time before they had been considered complete strangers

All agreed that Bethel needed to be more progressive.  Priority should be given to completing the (industrial) survey and getting it to Augusta so that the state would be aware of Bethel’s interest to create local industrial development.


It was agreed that Bethel should go on record as interested in industry, dispelling the myth that we are a closed corporation unfriendly to progress.


Discussion about “what does Bethel have” that would attract an industrialist didn’t result in overwhelming odds in our favor.  Bethel’s assets were listed as land, railroad, electricity, etc, but tax rate was followed by (no comment).

NTL bought the Gehring property and house in 1955. This meeting was taking place in the Entertainment wing of the Gehring house.  It is not the NTL-Chamber group; their meeting was at Gould Academy.

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