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1886 Journal

1886 Barrows Chairs – letters

1887 Bethel Journal

1888 Bethel Journal

1889 Bethel Journal

1890 Bethel Journal

1890 Bethel Schools Report

1890 Gould Academy

1890 Town Reports

1891 Bethel Journal Part One

1891  Bethel Journal Part Two

          1891 Bethel Fair

          1891 Bethel Schools

          1891 Gould Academy

          1891 Town Reports

1892 Bethel Journal News Highlights

          1892 Butter Factory on Church Street

          1892 Excavating gravel at Locke’s Mills

          1892 Rumford Falls development news

          1892 Schools Report

          1892 Town Report

          1892 Activities map

1893 Bethel Journal

          1893 Gould Academy

          1893 Names in the News

          1893 School Report

          1893 Town Report

1894 Bethel Journal

1895 Bethel Journal

          1895 Selectmen’s Report

          1895 Warrant Part 1

          1895 Warrant Part 2

          1895 Poplar Tavern

1896 Bethel Journal

1897 Highlights

          1897 Journal Part 1

          1897 Journal Part 2

          1897 Journal Part 3

          1897 Health Report

1911 News Page 1

1931 Special Edition of the Citizen

1937 Citizen News Church Library etc

1940 Hanover Dowel comes to Bethel

  1944 Service News and Honor Roll

1944 News Summary

1948 Bethel Ski and Outing Club

1948 Gould Football Team

1950 Gould Football Team


 1958 to 1967 Annual Reviews





          1964 First Living Nativity





2d Congregational Church 

2008 – Bethel Images of 2008 – (Video)

2009 Bethel Photos

2010 – News Index

Abial Chandler—Mason Street—Mason Park-Waterspout Mt House

About the Journals

Advertisements – 1947 Bethel Citizen

Addison Herrick (1847-1932)

Alpine House Waterspout Mt House

Androscoggin Toll Bridge 1869-1927

Antique Car Show at Telstar

Alpheus (A.S.) Bean (1845-1899)

Art Gallery—My artwork

Banks, Bankers, Banking

Barker Pioneers—Newry


Beauty & The Beast and Godspell  (Bethel News)

Bethel Common

Bethel Common by Eva Bean


Bethel Covered Bridge over Sunday River


Bennett Garage Fire 1940

Bethel House 1980 Main Street

Bennetts Lumbering

Bethel Ambulance Service

Bethel Regional Airport

Bethel Grange—Last Meeting

Bethel Inn History—1833 to 1976

Bethel Inn Opens 1913

Bethel Inn Golf Cafe

Bethel Library Assoc.

Bethel Lockup

Bethel’s Municipal Faces of 1975 and 1977

Bethel Maine 1980 Brochure

Bethel Planning Board (2012) image

Bethel Theatre Opens 1940

Bethel 2011 Town Meeting

Bethel Water Company

Blake Dairy Farm

Bosebuck Camps 1931

Bridge Street, Cross Street and Riverside Lane

Brown’s Variety Store

Bryant’s Market 1876-1968

Bunny Kimball’s Museum West Bethel

Butter Factory Bethel Dairy Assoc


          Bethel Riverside

           Black Cemetery (Newry Corner, 9/2011)

          Grover Hill (Skillingston)

          Mt. Will (N Bethel)

          Sunday River

Calvin Bisbee (1847-1904)

Ceylon Rowe—C. Rowe & Son

Charles H. Hastings

Citizen newspaper at 100

Citizen—the end of letterpress printing

Clark S Edwards (1824-1903)

Civil War Soldiers Monument

Cole Brothers, the Cole Block and Odeon Hall

Congo Church Fire in 1908

Corn Canning in Bethel 1880-1926

Crescent Park School

Crescent Park (New Bethel school ) 1950 News

Dana Douglass, Jr. (1914-1999)

David Garland, Rev.

Deaths recorded in Bethel 1987 to 2009

Doris Fraser’s North Newry Photo Album

Dr. Nathaniel True

 Eben Kilborn (1846-1940)

 Edmund Smith

 Ellery Park—Attorney

Elmer L Lovejoy (1862-     )

Enoch Foster, Jr. (1839-1913)

Ernest Walker 1931

Eva Bean (1895-1969)

Fishing Guide by Fox and Newton

Frank E. Hanscom (1863-1940)

Fred Edwards (1865-1947)

Fritz Tyler (1873-1964)

Gehring Green—2011

George B. Farnsworth, Dr. (1880-1947)

Gem Dig at BOA

 Gilead 19th Cent Suspension Bridge

Goodwin R. Wiley (1846-1911)

Goose Eye Farm in Sunday River

Gould Academy

Gould Academy Library a photo tour 2012

Gould Library Oct 2011

Gould’s Bingham Gym—1921

Gould Journals

Greenleaf, Dr. S.S. 1931

Harold G. Bennett (1903-1961)

Hastings Farm and Ferry - image

Henry Boyker (1878-1961)

Herbert Lyon (1928-2006)

Herricks – Herricks Machinery

History Club page

Horatio Upton (1863-1922)

Indians in Bethel area

Information Booth, Bethel 1941

Ira Kimball –Kimball Park

Internet at CPS 1992

J. Howell Crosby

          Red House Photo Album

Jacob A Thurston (1843-1917)

James Barrows (1832-1909)

John George Gehring (1857-1932)

John J. Enneking (1841-1916) Artist

John M Philbrook (1840-1923)

John Gould

John Harrington (1896-1983)

Julia Fleet

Josiah U. Purington—trade, feed, grain, general store

Luke Reily

Maine Mineralogy Museum

          Tourmalines of Maine

Mahoosuc Land Trust

Maple Lane Farm West Bethel

 Margaret Tibbetts (1919-2010)

Marian True Gehring (1850-1936)

Marshall Hastings (1892-1958)

Martha Fifield Sketches (Selections)

Mason Farm, The



Mill Brook Dam

Millennium Monument

Mollyockett Day – First One 1957

Mollyockett Day 2011 (News)

Nathaniel Swan – Mollyockett


North Newry Days

Kellogg Nature Camps (video)

Kellogg Camps in 1996

Slide Show Tour of Kellogg Camp area in 2009

Charles Kellogg at Odeon Hall

Poplar Tavern

Doris Fraser’s Poplar Tavern Album

Dorothy Ficken – Summers at Poplar Tavern

NTL in Bethel 1947-2010

NTL meets with Bethel Chamber

Outlook Studio –Reuben Bartlett

The “Overhead Railroad Bridge

Pipeline – Portland to Montreal 1941

Post Card Museum

Prospect Hotel 1902-1911

Rail to Bethel circa 1910—Ruth Crosby

Railroad Journal  (9/17/2010)

Bethel Passenger Rail (9/21/2011)

Rialto Hall (The Rink 1884-1898)

Riverside Farms

Ruth Carver Ames (1903-1985)

Samuel B Twitchell (1829-1905)

St. John Hastings and Hastings farm

Sidney Dyke (1912-1966)

South Bethel



1937 Bethel’s Winter Potential

1948 Vernon Street Ski Tow

Swan’s Corner ski area

Mt Abram by Don Cross

Sunday River—Mike Thurston

Viking Village—P. Cunningham

Mike Lynch—Why I Came here

Steam Mill Skillingston

Sudbury Inn

Sun Valley Sports



Brief History – Sunday River

Bartlett-Bean 1791 home

Martha Fifield Sketches excerpts

Owen Demeritt Place

Julia Fleet

The Boarders – Locke Mt House

Locke-Swan Barn

Swain Family Farm

Thunderbird Motor Inn

Trappers Weekend 2010

Upper Dam on Mill Brook

Van Telephone Company


    VIDEO/Slide Show—Trappers Weekend 2013

VIDEO—Chowdah Fest

VIDEO—Yankee Bands

VIDEO—Bethel HO Rail

VIDEO—Bethel News October 27 2012

VIDEO— Fly Ins

VIDEO—Bethel Fly In 2012

VIDEO— Ride Amtrak—at Kissimmee Florida (someday Bethel?)

VIDEO—Visit the alligators, birds, cows and goats at Gatorland

VIDEO—Early Morning Deer Visitor

VIDEO—Stanley Steamer Ride

VIDEO—Gilead Wind Energy

VIDEO—Colby’s Small Engine Repair

VIDEO—Mahoosuc Band Concert 45-6-2012

VIDEO—Molly Ockett Day 2012

Vigilante Farm—Scott Hynek

Violet Campbell—Mayville

 War Canoe – At Hastings Farm

West Bethel River Crossing 2011

West Bethel Union Church dedication

William Bingham II 1879-1955

William E. Bosserman

William Rogers Chapman

   The Williamson Connection

Williamson Journal—Bethel and Newry

          Williamson Photos—More

Who’s Who index