1909 Kellogg Camps – after 1922 Wight Camps



Newry Map - Camps.jpg

Relief map of the Bear River valley in Newry, Maine.


In 1904 Charles Kellogg purchased 45 acres of forest land that was bordered by Wight Brook.  The land that the camps occupy today is owned by the Wight family.  It is still a heavily wooded parcel in the valley at the foot of Step Falls.  Step Falls is now protected by a 23 acre parcel owned by the Nature Conservancy since 1962.  

Kellogg built the camps in two stages: first, he built a main lodge with a close by dining hall.  Then a number of log cabin style camps were built in a line on either side of the main lodge. Camps were connected by a raised wooden “sidewalk”. Water for the camps was piped from Wight Brook to the lodge and water was heated by a channel within the main stone fireplace.  Eventually a hydro power system was built to produce electricity.  See photo of water wheel below.  

The seven camps pictured below were photographed in 1996.  They were the last remaining camps built by Kellogg and later owned by the Wight’s for vacationing tourists. These camps were individually owned for seasonal use when these photos were taken for Town of Newry records.



1996 Hermit Pagurko 19 Camp Rd  R7  Lot 8A.jpg




Frank Pagurko

42 Little Avenue

Westbrook, ME 04092

19 Camp Road

R-7 Lot 8A



1996 The Nolans 19 Camp Rd R7 Lot 8.jpg


The Nolans


John Nolan

PO Box 3207

Telluride, Colorado

17 Camp Road

Map R-7  Lot 8



1996 Snow Bird Patch 15 Camp Rd  R7  Lot 7.jpg




Roger and Marie Patch

50 Lake Shore Drive

Middleton, New Hampshire 03887

15 Camp Rd

R-7  Lot 7


Camp Time


George Wight

RFD 2 Box 2220-90

Bethel, Maine 04217

13 Camp Road

R-7 Lot 6


1996-Bald Eagle Nest-Wight 44 Kellogg Ln.jpg

The Bald Eagle Nest


Willard A. Wight

1619  Bear River Road

 Newry, Maine 04261

44 Kellogg Lane

R-7  Lot 5


1996 Parsonage Michael Wheeler 50 Kellogg Ln.JPG

The Parsonage


Michael G. Wheeler

157  Baker Road

Bethel, Maine 04217

50 Kellogg Lane

R-7 Lot 4



1996-Mountain View Shaw 52 Kellogg Ln.JPG

Mountain View


Jacob and Justin Shaw

87 Summer Street

Milford, New Hampshire 03055

52 Kellogg Lane

R-7 Lot 3


water wheel 2 at Wights.jpg


The Pelton style water wheel, shaft and flywheel mark the entrance to the camp area – the junction of Route 26 (Bear River Road) and Kellogg Lane, a private road on Wight family property.  An aqueduct that was at first made of wood, later replaced by an iron eight inch pipe, carried water from Step Falls to the generator building.

Descendants of Fred Wight, who owned the camp site after Kellogg, are quite certain the water powered generator was built during the time Charles Kellogg was at the camps.  Fred Wight did not build the system.  Having the water wheel is the best evidence that the system was built.


Source of camp and owner information is the Town of Newry Assessor Records – 1996.  


The Bethel Journals

Donald G. Bennett

PO Box 763

Bethel, Maine 04217