The Mason Farm


 July 21, 1893.   Oxford County Advertiser.


“The sale of the Mason farm, Bethel, on which the Riverside Trotting Park, has been made. Three years ago a company was organized in this village and leased of Mr. Mason the right to build a track on his land. The conditions were that the company should build the track and give him 25 percent of all the gate money and all he could make outside, and at the end of ten years the track should revert to him or the owner of the farm.

          Saturday Mr. Mason sold his entire farm and track to Charles Ryerson of Upton for $10,000. Mr. Ryerson is a large lumber operator and has bought this for his future home. He will continue his lumbering during the winter season. He intends to convert the large two-story house into a hotel.

In the year 1791 Moses Mason, grandfather to the recent owner, came from Dublin, Mass., on horseback bringing with him 1000 silver dollars which he gave for his farm. The farm contains about 200 acres including timberland, and all in one lot. His son Aaron was three years old when his father bought the place , and always lived here. The recent owner will be 68 years old next April, and is unmarried. As soon as the writings can be done he intends going to the World’s Fair; from there to Washington to visit his nephew, and if he doesn’t find a place that he likes better than here, he intends to return and settle down in the same neighborhood. This place just sold has been owned by the Masons for 102 years and there never was a mortgage on it.

Twenty-two years ago Mason’s widowed sister came to make her home with him. She had three boys and one girl. Everyone of the boys are graduates of the Maine State College at Orono. The oldest one is a railroad and city engineer in Washington. The second one is an assayer in a Pennsylvania iron mine. The third is in Massachusetts. The daughter recently graduated from school in Bridgewater, Mass., and is visiting at the homestead. “


The cupola of the Mason Farm barn as it looks in 2009.  Weathervane shows the Mason “M”.