Blake Dairy Farm Invests in Health and Environmental Protection


Blake family dairy in Bethel one of only three full time dairies still in operation


July 9 2008

During July 2008 a new cement manure pit was under construction at the Blake Dairy Farm on Blake Hill in Bethel.


While the new installation conforms to tightening health and environmental standards for all dairy farms, it is also a major investment in their business by Brian and Christine Blake. They are the fourth generation of a dairy family to continue producing milk locally. 


In the 1930s and 40s Roy Blake was one of several milkmen doing daily deliveries in Bethel. According to Eva Bean’s East Bethel Road, Roy Blake had taken over from his father, Charles Galon Blake. Roy was followed by his son Charles. In 1962 Charles Blake sold his retail business but continued his dairy farm as a wholesale producer. Besides dairying, Charles also raised poultry.


Charles’ son Brian has continued the farm and business up to today and he and his wife’s investment shows their determination to continue dairying.

Brian Blake has carefully stored away many documents and artifacts from the days of Blake milk deliveries in Bethel—for example the two bottle caps above were saved from the days that the Blake Farm bottled milk at the farm for delivery to homes and stores in Bethel.

Excavation for the manure pit to be built next to the main cattle barn—July 9, 2008

An impromptu museum of Blake Farm equipment—grindstone and milking machine pail.

All dairy cattle, and probably all cattle, are curious as to who may be coming to visit them.