Overhead bridge at Bethel


August 2, 1962


Bethel Citizen



Bridge above linked Bridge Street (Rt 2 and 26) with Church Street and Railroad Street. Building in left background is the Hanover Dowel Co mill.



Traffic is passing over the new bridge and road construction with a minimum of confusion. Although the travel of three numbered routes, 2, 5 and 26, is included and a sense of direction is temporarily of little use, most difficulty is experi­enced by those familiar with the former junction at Church and Railroad Streets,

Most noticeable activity at present is the removal of the old steel bridge over the rail­road by the contractor, H. E. Sargent, Inc. This bridge was placed in its present position in 1924 and the same structure or another had been raised from an earlier height about 20 years previously.

Travel at lower Church Street is presently one way but the street will be widened by Sat­urday. Gravel fill on Railroad Street is now-improving condi­tions between Church and Elm Streets. Granite edging and curbing is now being installed on the new highway.