The Bethel Journals

News About Riverside Cemetery

Bethel, Maine

November 16, 2007


Recent News


· From August 22 until September 10 the cemetery’s eroded riverbank was restored by earthworks construction carried out by Savage Contracting of Bethel and assisted by Cross Excavation of Bethel. This work was completed at a cost to the town and the association 35 percent under budget.

· During October Dan Myers’ Logging Company cleared an area for new avenues and for forest stand improvement thinned the remaining forested part of the cemetery land.

· The association received more than 90 donations to support this work. The total received as of October 10, 2007 is $ 12,617.08

· The association is exploring the purchase of a replacement lawn mower and George Hayes has demonstrated a Grasshopper mower.

· Richard Duka of Hanover Iron Works is in touch with the association regarding repair of the iron fence.



Photos taken of the riverbank and logging follow:






































Much credit goes to the crews of Savage and Cross companies whose ingenuity in handling heavy equipment on the slope of the riverbank made a difficult  job appear simple.



















Logging took place at the west end of cemetery property and on the forested lot lying between North Road and the airport after all riverbank work was finished.



Before and After views of the riverbank restoration.

View of riverbank work in progress. Photo by Alison Aloisio of the Bethel Citizen; photo taken from a canoe. 

The Natural Resources Conservation Service drew up the construction plan.  Alice Goodwin was the NRCS on site inspector.  Scott McLaren of Waterford was the inspector for the Town of Bethel and the cemetery association. Town Manager Scott Cole handled contract bidding and overall supervision of the job.

Above left: Clearing up brush and unmarketable stumpage.  Right: a view of the cleared area. In the background—former ASC building and town’s sand dome.

New England Forestry Consultants Inc. enabled Donald Feeney to do all forestry preparation for the logging including preparing and submitting required permits at no charge to the association.