Peter G. and Nancy Anderson, Bethel

Ernest and Alberta Angevine, Bethel

Bradley and Judith Barker, Bethel

Donald and Katherine Bennett, Bethel

Isabelle J. Bennett, Lexington, MA

Julia B. and James R. Bennett, Northfield, VT

Francis P. Berry and

Mary Lou Chapman Berry, Bethel

Robert L. Blake and Cynthia J. Blake, Bethel

Laurel Blossom,  Edgefield, SC

Keith H. and Bonita E. Bowden, Melrose, MA

Rev. Raymond H. and V. Sally Bradley, Wakefield, RI

Donald and Eleanor Brooks, Bethel

Brooks Bros. Inc., Bethel

Doris Brown, Bethel

Jeffrey D. Brown, East Longmeadow, MA

Musa Brown, Bethel

Leland R. Brown, Bethel

Lee F. Carroll, Gorham, NH

Patricia G. Carter, Bethel

Valerie B. Chapman and Constance Bean, Zephyrhills, FL

Sylvia D. Clanton, Bethel

Judith D. and

Michael D Coletta, Woonsocket, RI

Roger R and Lillian R Conant, Bethel

Vera L. Cross, Greenwood

Helen Cummings, Bethel

Alice B. Dale, Zephyrhills, FL

Mary Dooen, Bethel

Barbara A. Douglass, Bethel

Katheryn M. Eames, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Mary W. Eichel, Bethel

Richard O. Emmons, Atkinson, NH

Donald and Ruth Feeney, Bryant Pond

Norman and Barbara Ferguson, Hanover

Bertha Foster, Bethel

Doris W. Fraser, Bethel

Barbara B. Gallant, Bethel

Elizabeth Gilbert, Bethel

Mary Jane Goudreau, Bethel

Jeri and Jerry Greenwell, Bethel

Jean H. Grover, Greenwood

John Gunther, Gorham, NH

Charles G. Hamlin, Longmeadow, MA

Annie Hastings, Bethel


Jay and Hope Herr, Albany Township

Clarence and Joan Howe, Bethel

Lee H. Hutchins, Bethel

James E. Hutchins, Bethel

Milton and Eleanor Inman, Greenwood

Arlan and Eleanor Jodrey, Bethel

Austin M. Jodrey, Bethel

Michael M. Jodrey, Bethel

Robert and Virginia Keniston, Bethel

Charles and  Marilyn King, South Portland

Susan B. Kettinger, Salem, NH,  in Memory of Barbara H. Brown

Harry S. Kuzyk, Bethel

Gilbert and Carol LeClair, Green Valley, AZ

Alfred T. and Sharon E. Leighton, Gilead

Nancy Lincoln, Bethel

Mary and Roy Lurvey, Standish

Geneva Johnston McCoy, Gilead

Stephen J. McLaine, Jr. Gilead

MAJ Stephen McLaine III, US Army

Karen Brown Mohr, Bethel

Mr. and Mrs. James Monahan, Bethel

Florence M. Morgan, Bethel

Myers Logging Inc., Bryant Pond

George A. and Danna B. Nickerson, Bethel

Bruce F and Shirley M. Powell, Hanover

Henry and Elizabeth Robertson, Bethel

Edith Rowe, Norway

Stephen T. Seames, Bethel

Ryozo and Geraldine Shimamura, Bethel

Claire L. Smith, Wallingford, CT

Ronald Snyder, West Bethel

Margery Swan, South Paris

Kenneth C. and Nellie G. Swan, Paris

Natalie H. Timberlake, Bethel

Paul E. Vachon, Turner

Mary Valentine, Bethel

Richard C. Valentine, Bethel

Erland and Margaret Wentzell, Portland

Doris G. Williams, Bethel

Gloria J. Wilson, Bethel

Lawrence and Barbara A. Young, Bethel

Jane Young, Bethel












Text Box: Riverside Cemetery Association, Inc.

Friends of Riverside Cemetery
Contributors to the River Bank Restoration Fund

2006 and 2007

The Riverside Cemetery Association, Inc., is grateful for the more than $12,000 donated by those contributors listed below for the purpose of repairing erosion damage to the cemetery’s river bank. Cuts in the river bank came within eight feet of some of the oldest burial sites.  Damage was caused by flooding and ice packs during the winter—spring of 2005.