Scenic Tiles

Bonnema Potters

Garret Bonnema holds the finished tile  created by carefully pouring not brushing colored glazes.  Melody Bonnema sketched the scene from nature at Screw Auger Falls.

After the tile was completed, the tile was scanned into a digital image that was used to make giclee prints, above, ready for  framing.

A large tile mounted on a chimney in the Bonnema studio.

This photo shows the scenic tile in perspective as part of the studio chimney and wood stove.

In the 1980’s tile stove pads were in vogue as the Middle East oil embargoes brought attention to the economic value of wood stoves versus oil heating.

Here is how the stove pads added a touch of art to a home wood stove foundation.

Melody pulls out a sample tile from a “file” of tests which shows what happens when two glazes overlap, producing a third color.   The “file” documents steps in blending glazes need to achieve the desired color and texture.

May 4, 2013

The Bethel Journals

Bonnema Potters Scenic Tiles

Bethel, Maine 04217



Garret holds a mounted print of the image scanned from the scenic tile.

This close-up shows how glaze has been poured on a tile forming the desired image and affect.