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Crescent Park School named—1952

January 17, 1952  The Bethel Citizen

The name of Crescent Park School was adopted to identify Bethel’s new grade school building on the old "Crescent Grounds" at the meeting of the Parent Teacher Association at the new building Tuesday evening. This name, sug­gested by Mrs. R. R. Tibbetts, to­gether with that of Crescent Street for the highway leading to the school, was chosen by the School Committee and won the cash prize offered by Kimball Ames. The prize was turned over to the Parent Teacher Association by Mrs. Tibbetts.

There was a good attendance, considering the poor traveling conditions, at the open house meeting at which Superintendent Donald Christie presided.  Mr. Christie called on Elmer Bennett, chairman of the original school survey committee; Paul   Thurston, chairman of the building committee; John Carter, representing the    selectmen; Mrs. Olive Head, chairman of the School Committee; and William O Bailey of the State Department of Education.

Mr. Bennett gave an account of the ground work. Mr. Thurston spoke of the work of the building committee, stating that more than $1,000 remained of the $136,200 available. He said that 46 meetings of the building committee were held, and concluded by turning the plans over to the selectmen, the committee's duties being com­pleted. Mr. Carter accepted the building as completed and called on Mrs. Head as representative of the school committee which now has charge of the building. Mrs. Head commended the building com­mittee for their excellent work and then read the letter which gave the names of the building and street as accepted by the school commit­tee. Mr. Christie then called on Mr. Bailey who brought a message from the State Department of Education.

Refreshments were served by the Parent Teacher Association.

Mr. Tibbetts’ letter will be of interest:


Bethel, Maine

October 4, 1951


Dear Mr. Christie and other capable men on the Building Committee:


You have done an excellent job in getting for us such a fine and modern school building, you have built for posterity. Citizens are proud and grateful.

Shall we call the handsome building -Crescent Park School.  And then the Playgrounds and Athletic Field that grow around it will already have names.

If the new road is too wide to be Crescent Lane it might be Crescent Road or Crescent Street.

With appreciation,


Pearl Ashby Tibbetts


Did you know that about seventy five years ago a group of local young men had a baseball field in the pasture and the name Crescent Grounds was born?  (They wore gray uniforms with red new moons front and back.) The name must have been good to have stuck. Several generations of boys and girls have played on the Crescent Grounds.


How this article was saved:

Miss Helen Varner was a teacher at first the Bethel Grammar School and then at the new Crescent Park School.  Miss Varner saved photos, clippings, etc having to do with her schools, students and news about town school affairs. 

At some point, maybe after she had retired, Miss Varner gave the scrapbook to Mrs. Grace Taylor Douglass.  Grace had been one of Miss Varner’s students.

About 2006 Mrs. Douglass loaned me the scrapbook so that I could photograph some of the pages. The information above came from a 1952 clipping saved in the scrapbook.






Crescent Park School shown here as it appeared in the Bethel Citizen, 1952.

Below: Copy of a Lewiston Daily Sun news item about new school plan