Riverside Cemetery – Bethel, Maine

A Maine Historic Burying Ground

May 23, 2013

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These pages contain a detailed list of burials since 1791.

It is updated at least annually.  Please use this site to gather family history information, cemetery news and information about the Riverside Cemetery Association.


Riverside Cemetery is the largest of the town’s 14 cemeteries.  Located on the north bank of the Androscoggin River in the town’s village of Mayville, it is adjacent to the Bethel Regional Airport and reached from U.S. Route 2 by taking the North Road.


Although, Riverside Cemetery is the most active cemetery in the town at this time, the West Bethel Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery Association, is also active and has cleared more area for future burials. Another of the 14 cemeteries, one  on Grover Hill in Bethel, has interred deceased military veterans in the last decade.  Mt Will Cemetery in North Bethel – it faces Route 2 holds burials with a North Bethel, Swans’ Corner, Mayville  and Sunday River heritage.  


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Many notable contributors to Bethel’s history, political, social and  economic development, dating back to 1782, are buried in this peaceful, scenic place of final rest. Rev. Eliphaz Chapman who was credited with suggesting “Bethel” as a town name is buried here.  Three Revolutionary War veterans, Eli Twitchell, Moses Mason and Ebenezer Newell, are buried at Riverside Cemetery. The farm buildings of the Mason family farm - some dating from 1800 - still stand in use as a wayside inn and are within sight of the cemetery.  


The oldest grave in Riverside Cemetery belongs to Curatio Twitchell the two year old son of Eli and Rhoda Twitchell who died August 14, 1791 was buried near the bank of the Androscoggin River. Less than seven months later, the boy’s mother, Rhoda Leland Twitchell died on March 29, 1792. She was laid to rest next to her young son. The opening of this family’s burial ground happened in Sudbury Canada Plantation in the District of Maine. Four years later Massachusetts passed an act of incorporation that created the town of Bethel.


The burial listings of this website were obtained from the Bethel Historical Society. This initial listing begins in the older section of the cemetery starting at the bank of the Androscoggin River and working across the cemetery toward Bethel’s North Road.  The lists will be corrected as necessary when errors or omissions come to light.



Adaline G. Clough seated at her desk in the Research Center of the Bethel Historical Society.  Mrs. Clough is a long time volunteer research specialist for the Society. Through her work in Bethel cemeteries, we have the benefit of her physical examination and recording of gravesite locations, names, dates and in some instance inscriptions as they were found to exist during the last five years. She started her cemetery research circa 2000.  On the behalf of the great number of us who so highly value this information, I say, “Thank you, Adaline, for all your hard work”.








Eli Twitchell, Esq., died Nov 3, 1845 aged 88 years “A Soldier of the Revolution”

Location of grave is in  Avenue 7 of the Old Part

Eli Twitchell came to Sudbury Canada in the spring of 1782 from Sherborn, Mass.,



Moses M Mason, died Oct 1, 1836 AE 79

Location of the grave is in Avenue 5, of the Old part

Moses Mason came to Bethel from Dublin, NH in 1799.



Col Ebenezer Newell, born in Brookfield, Mass., May 25, 1744, died in Bethel, Maine Jan 14, 1831 AE 86 yrs

His grave is located in Avenue 6, of the Old Part.






Riverside Cemetery – The Old Part


Riverside_Cem_May 08.jpg

Fresh flags fluttering – Memorial Day 2008





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