Old Cars and Trucks

Welcome to a brief look at old cars and trucks seen on Bethel streets from 1910 to 2010. This a collection made from random sightings and old newspaper advertisements beginning with those seen in Molly Ockett Day parades and old car shows at Telstar High School.

Molly Ockett Day Parade 2009

Molly Ockett 018

Car owner unknown


Molly Ockett 019

Plymouth Sports Fury – Year (?) maybe 1960-1965

Molly Ockett 027

Circa 1930 Ford Model A Roadster (?)


Telstar Auto Show – August 15, 2009



1923 Ford T – Bucket Hotrod Al Beauchemin Madison


1938 Hudson Glen Thurlow Norway, Maine


1926 Ford Model T Ronald White East Andover, Maine


1937 Buick Special – Harry and Fran Burns, Rumford Point



1946 Ford Sedan Mike Largesse, Errol, NH


1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible David Smith West Paris


1947 Chrysler Winsor Bud Kulik Bethel


1973 VW Beatle Douglass Bethel



A Pontiac group –


ญญญ1960s Chevy Group



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