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December 19, 2015

Addison E. Herrick


Addison E. Herrick was an influential member of the Bethel inner circle for fifty years. His association with Enoch Foster, Jr., who became a  Maine Supreme Court Associate  Justice and later with Ellery Park in a partnership that lasted throughout Bethel’s commercial growing period from 1886 through the 1920’s made him a notable Bethel figure. His  magnificent home on Broad Street reflects his lasting contribution to Bethel history.

Addison E. Herrick (1847-1932) was born in Greenwood, the son of Benjamin and Maria (Garland) Herrick. He attended Gould Academy and Hebron Academy; he graduated from Bowdoin College in 1873.  He began a teaching career in Bluehill and became principal of Bluehill Academy then came to Bethel.

Judge Addison E. Herrick

His life in Bethel saw him involved in many activities and duties so that whatever he was doing usually appeared in the town’s weekly news - at first in the county weekly newspapers and after 1895 in the Bethel News as well.

He studied law with Enoch Foster from 1875 to 1877 and was admitted to Oxford County bar. Herrick then became a junior law partner with Foster.  When Enoch Foster was appointed an Associate Judge of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in 1884, Herrick took over Foster’s responsibilities as treasurer of the Bethel Savings Bank. (In the meantime the Foster-Herrick law office/Bethel Savings Bank building was moved to Broad Street.) The Oxford Democrat weekly newspaper carried Herrick’s advertisement as an Attorney-at-Law in Bethel.

While a partner with Foster, Herrick was a parade officer for the 1881 Indian Raid Centennial celebration. In 1882 he married Mary Chase of Bluehill.

Enoch Foster, Jr.

During March 1886, builders started work on the Herrick’s new house on Broad Street. For this construction  received lumber from the Locke and Hastings mills.

In June Herrick was one of the signers of a petition to Bethel selectmen which sought a special town meeting to appropriate money for a town sponsored factory building- the building intended to be used as a chair factory.

The A.E. Herrick home left in 1890 and today on the right.

In recent times it was home for Bob Cranes real estate business and later Kennett Realty.

In 1889 he was a Bethel committee member tasked to oversee a the building of a town lock-up that voters had approved at town meeting.  He accepted Ellery C. Park, of Mexico, into his office to read law in preparation for entering the Oxford County Bar.  Park was admitted to the county bar in 1890 at which time he became a junior law partner with Herrick.  The office of Herrick and Park was in what was referred to at the time as the Savings Bank building (which later became the Bethel Library) on Broad Street. By 1895 the office of Herrick & Park was in the new Cole Block next to the Bethel Savings Bank office. 

An interesting part of the Herrick & Park advertisement is that their office had telephone service, Telephone 5-2, presumably at that time New England Telephone and Telegraph was the service provider.

In 1889 the Bethel Water Company was incorporated. Herrick was one of the Corporators; after incorporation he was elected treasurer and was clerk of the water company corporation for many years thereafter.

Herrick & Park moved their office into the Cole Block in 1895; it was  adjacent to the Bethel Savings Bank which occupied the front of the building on the right.

Ellery Park prepared the 1925 deed which granted the Barker Mountain land to the Bethel Water Company from William Bingham in order to protect the watershed for Bethel’s water supply from over logging or development.

He represented Oxford County in the State Legislature in 1891 and in the Senate in 1893. In 1893 he was a member of the Board of Trustees of Gould Academy.  Following Gideon Hastings, he was president of the Board of Trustees for 16 years and was a member of the Board of Examiners. He was also a trustee of Bowdoin College. From 1899 to 1920 he was Judge of the Oxford County Probate Court.

Ellery Park, a 1931 photo, was Clerk of the Bethel Inn Corporation when it was formed in 1912.

Addison Herrick was a member of the Bethel Lodge F & AM.  The Herrick’s fine home on Broad Street was notable for its gardens, shrubs and stately trees.  Addison and Mary Herrick had two daughters, Mrs. Lyndell Converse Blanchard of Abington, Mass., and Miss Margaret C. Herrick, Director of Prevention of Communicable Diseases in the State of Maine.

Addison Herrick died in 1932 and his wife Mary died in 1936. They are buried at Riverside Cemetery.

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