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August 10, 2018









The future Family Dollar store site is cleared, the former Douglass house is gone and the earth work of leveling the lot seems complete.

Bethel Therapy Center is a new service with an office in the Bear Crossing building in Mayville  Progress on the Cho Sun expansion: With the Cho Sun’s new porch and wing expansion


      Recently the Bethel Water District started replacing water meters with a new wireless type. This step will markedly speed up meter reading which has always been a very time consuming quarterly job. Instead of having to enter homes to read the water meter, readings can be received from outside using a simple hand-held device

      Main Street’s new Maine Mineral and Gem Museum has opened its store along with selected museum displays in the store area on a preview basis.

      Public Hearing at Monday’s Selectmen’s Meeting – Fluoride in Public Water System.

     The show “Grease” was the spring musical at Gould Academy and the turnout filled the auditorium.


     After the regular meeting agenda was finished, the question of the Ethel Bisbee School came up. Selectman Don Bennett bought up the building’s poor condition

     Gould graduation: Richard Blanco gave the graduation address. He spoke about navigating your way though the many possible paths ahead realizing that the path initially chosen may keep you uninformed about other possibly more suitable ones. 

     BIG Adventure remains closed.  Friday morning the annual Bike Trek began with an unplanned shower

Paving of Main Street and Church Street was completed.   Dave Nivus said that the Barbecue made out well during the Moose Festival - a few asked if they had moose meat barbecue.


    Roofing was being installed on the Family Dollar store framework. Melody and Garret Bonnema were recognized for their outstanding work and artistry by the Mahoosuc Arts Council.

     Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sullivan from Hype Park in Boston were in town and stayed at the Rostay. They came with the goal of locating where on the Branch Road in North Newry, artist John J. Enneking (1841-1916) had once owned property.

     D. A. Wilson Co finished excavating basement space for the historical society’s new barn foundation between the Valentine Wing and Bethel Inn conference center.

    New England Forest Rally was hosted at South Ridge



     Maine Civil Air Patrol Wing were flying orientation flights from Bethel Airport for the CAP cadets attending summer encampment at the Bog Brook training area. There are 43 Cadet Students attending this year’s Encampment; they are being taught by 16 Cadet Cadre and overseen by 11 Adult Officers. Planes used by the CAP that were here are Cessna 182 and Cessna 172

     Junior Triathlon at Angevine Park:  Great day for the kid’s races Saturday afternoon - The signup sheet showed 29 contestants

     Neil Scanlon was appointed to the Planning Board.  Mr. Scanlon is Vice President of Finance for Sunday River Resort.

      Bethel Bicycle is now Barker Mountain Bikes. Kristen Seib is the new owner—replacing Peter Southam.

      Trappers Weekend No. 39



At Bethel Outdoor Adventure the bridge to Hastings Island from the campground has turned into a major attraction. After crossing the bridge-the wilderness trail around the island is a real bonus. 

Barn a Rising:  Dan and Jeremy Gibbs were at work this week on the Historical Society’s new barn, Dan said the lumber came from Western Maine Supply but as far as he could see the actual wood came from British Columbia.

      Ready to Compact—Wednesday, September 23 is opening day. Zero-Sort recycling center at the Route 2 Recycling Station is up and ready to go. Sadie Morin will be the operator.

     Harvestfest 2015— This was the 18th Annual Harvestfest

 Households in the sewer system need to stop dumping cooking oil and grease down the drain if they are.

      The Maine Department of Environmental Protection inspected Bethel’s Wastewater Facility —  it found that the facility had “recently been stricken with a steady influent source of grease” which caused an Unsatisfactory rating. 



      Family Dollar store opened Thursday, October 8, at 8:00 AM. Truck loads of merchandise have been arriving for the past 10 days. 

Jamboree-ing with the Jeeps this weekend meant driving through plenty of mud along the trails.

A Sears Roebuck house in Bethel—Reliable sources told me that the house on the Songo Road which is being torn down in a piece by piece process was originally a Sears Roebuck house. 

Rob Robbins Still Going Strong at the Bethel Inn on Saturday.  His piano and singing has been an especially good entertainment calling card for nearly 36 years. 

    Future Trout Fishing at Bethel Outdoor Adventure—BOA Campground and Gem Dig had a big excavation job in progress. 



       Spring Street house was delivered and at week’s end the full house structure up. Also loads of gravel have been delivered to the future (maybe?) outdoor basketball court behind Dunkin Donuts and Bethel Bicycle.

New look to the Holidae House.  2015 ski sale was arranged by the Bethel Outing Club. A number of families were looking for helmets for their youngsters.

       Gloria Wilson sold her house and land in Mayville. Rick Davis and Randy Autry were inspecting sewer pipes and recorded what they find in a video

     A maintenance crew from the St. L & A railroad were working on the signal system at the rail crossing on Main Street.  Sunday River reported two  trails, one mile or 12 acres of skiing open. The Historical Society’s new barn has the roofing rafters in place and the lower frame work of the barn’s “steeple” is up. Dan Gibbs and company will easily be able to enclose the roof probably this week.

     At Bethel Outdoor Adventure excavation and grading for the fish pond appears completed for this season.  

     The open field beside Western Maine Supply looks like it has newly placed stakes with ribbons

     Gas at Irving is down to $2.13 a gallon and there is a new smoother entrance to the station’s parking area.

      At  the McLaughlin  Friday night the Prime Time Players (a.k.a. the over-the-hill-gang) presented their four comedies to a full house.

      Officially known as a Wares Fair that was held at the Bethel Inn Conference Center on Friday.  Thirty five local crafters were expected to show their stuff.

     The rear structures of the Bethel Citizen have been undergoing a rebuild.

     Good Food Store’s barbecue business is still booming. Saturday afternoon there were two tables filled with barbecue patrons wearing warm jackets and stocking hats enjoying their smoked fare.



A tour of the Ethel Bisbee School building and introduction of Project Canopy. Christi Mitchell who is a Historical Preservationist in Augusta for the National Register of Historic Places program in Maine came to Bethel to survey the old school.

A paper was circulated explained that Project Canopy which would be a village tree inventory and follow-up forestry program. 

Saturday afternoon the Robinson Ballet organization from Bangor presented a super, incredibly well performed production of The Nutcracker.

The Bethel area veterans committee  received the deed for the land behind the Civil War Soldier Monument. Eleven members of the committee met on Wednesday December 9 to discuss the next steps toward turning the site into a Veterans Park.

Main Street’s Newest Enterprise Opened Saturday  Art 57 Maine owned by Donna D’Aquino and Lauren Head opened today in their very newly spiffed up studio, work shop and gallery in the “Jim Mann” building.

     Living Nativity 2015—Over the weekend the stable/manger was in place along with the fencing. Saturday’s snow showers gave the scene a nice local touch. Jarrod and Paige Crockett were this year’s Mary and Joseph couple. During the actual Sunday evening presentation the temp was only 27 but a good crowd. Someone even had a pet goat wearing a made to fit blanket and the goat joined the performance.

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