2014 News Summary

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Family Dollar site plan OK; cell tower plan not OK. Sidewalk plan introduced

The sidewalk plan in mind would include both sides of Mayville Road from the bridge on the east side and from the Mahoosuc Land Trust on the west side to the Dunkin’ Donuts/ Big Apple site.

Old Pines come down at Bethel Historical Society

Thursday and Friday two 100 feet plus tall pines which stood near the Bethel Inn Conference Center but on the east edge of BHS property were taken down by Brady Chapman’s Top Notch Tree Service.


Around Town

Bethel Inn hosted a Comedy weekend Festival Seacoast United of New Hampshire held a soccer camp for boys at Gould Academy; last week girl’s teams were here.

Sunday afternoon Donnie Katlin and Jewel Clark entertained residents and visitors at a Sunday afternoon in the park concert sponsored by the Mahoosuc Arts Council.

The historic Stearns house, now known by Gould as the Cox house, sits on steel beams getting ready presumably for a new foundation.

The Oxford County Democrats have replaced Artistic Endeavors in the rental office building at the Hiram Twitchell House (171 Main Street). Is it now political endeavors?

Roger Belanger and company have been replacing decking on Bethel’s $1.5 million recreational bridge. The original decking lasted less than nine years.

At Gould Academy, inside work on the Hanscom Hall upgrading  operation

Lots of swimming, biking and running this weekend – Junior Maine State Triathlon took off from Angevine Park on Saturday and the senior event on Sunday occurred from the Bethel Inn beach club on Songo. This was the triathlon’s 23rd year. .

More excavation work on Vernon Street just north of its junction with Tyler Street continued during the week to further install new (green) sewer pipe.

Friday evening at 18 High Street Janet Willie opened her Art Barn for the first August art class of this summer’s program. The session was devoted to basic instruction on how to draw a portrait. Gina Douglass was the teacher; she had three students which allows for good one-on-one help in getting started.

Neil Olson’s Trappers Weekend in East Bethel

Trying out a coon ski hat

Sunday concert on the Common


At  Swain’s Farm stand,  Headmaster’s social  open house at Gould  and at Victor Young’s machine shiop

Community Sports at Philbrook Place is stocked up for back-to-school shopping. Hayley Tanguay, owner of the business since July 2013 showed me her two most asked about items: shin guards and mouth guards. As word got around about the store’s consignment plan and stock of used but in good condition items such as cleat shoes her consignment accounts have grown to 90.

 July 29  Rite Aid Remodels Floor Layout

During July, Rite Aid has made major changes in the organization of its floor plan. One might describe the new look as having pivoted the merchandise displays so that on entering the store the aisles somewhat form spokes of a wheel with the entrance being the hub. There are also some additions to the store inventory. Have to look for yourselves

Sunday River Farms—McCrum family display at the 2009 Bethel HarvestFest.

Bethel Real Estate Business Change

Four Seasons Realty, with offices in the Parkway Plaza building, is now Maine Real Estate Network.

Alumni Weekend at Gould Academy

Alumni weekend seemed to have an excellent turnout. Mary Paine who is a 1943 Gould grad led the parade of classes on Saturday. Roger and Nancy Adams were here from my 1952 class.

Fun Day at Sunday River

O2X mountain races saw 140 sign up for the three waves of runners who would be challenged by run/walks up the ski slopes; one group faced a run of 6 miles going up 1300 feet and the second group would run a little over three miles but climb 2135 feet. 

Stag Properties in Bethel

Stag Properties LLC is a South Paris based organization. It owns three lots of land in the Northwest Bethel area plus nine lots of the Hemlock Ridge subdivision. Lot 17-045 contains 1,134 acres; it is located along the south face and slope of Locke Mountain and a portion of this lot extends west as far as the Daisy Bryant Road which leads from the North Road towards the former BWD reservoir.


Around Town— Up for Discussion

Monday (the 13th) night’s selectmen’s agenda includes: for the third time, Debra Mills and the Veteran’s Park, a sewer system development charge for the Crossroads Diner, bridge design for Pleasant Stream (River?), junk yard permits and Heidi Godomsky as recreation director.

Corn harvest in full swing

Carter’s Middle Intervale Farm cut their corn on the Thurston field and our field this week. Some days the crew worked for hours after sundown. This operation involved two trunks continually being loaded and trucking cut corn back to the Carter farm then returning as fast as possible allowing the harvester to continue cutting.

Ski Season Starts – Ski and Sports Stores Open

Columbus Day Weekend and Sport Thoma, Bob and Terry’s and Ski Depot were open with specials. Sport Thoma had 20% off retail price day on the 13th and Ski Depot’s special was 20% off on all clothing, accessories and helmets. At Bob and Terry’s I found Travis Brooks managing the store which opened for the season this weekend

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries antique road show visited the Bethel Library last Friday

Replacing the Smith Farm Road Bridge in West Bethel – although the bridge over Pleasant River is in Bethel, the buildings and inhabitants west of the bridge are in Mason. The bridge does not meet MDOT safety standards and needs replacing. State, county and town funds will pay for the new bridge.

Outing Club Ski Sale at the Gould field house was a busy place during the weekend. The merchandise layout must be the largest annual sale in Bethel. Boot displays run the entire length of the basket ball floor as do the racks of helmets.

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