The Bethel Journals

March 31, 2018

2014 News Summary

May 6 2014

 Airport’s new terminal building:  Bethel Regional Airport’s new terminal—open for business. 

May 13 2014

New England Mineral Conference, a New England Villa Going Up, Summer Rentals at Sport Thoma and New England Mineral Conference:  This weekend saw the Second Annual New England Mineral Conference took place at the Summit Hotel and Conference Center at Sunday River

1889 Twitchell Barn Gets New Life

In Mayville, Paul and Charisa Legault are hard at work converting the last stand of the Twitchells into a place for weddings, reunions, meetings plus social and business functions. The interior of the old barn is in excellent shape and shows today’s public the artwork of 19th century timber and beam construction

Before and after on Spring Street

May 20 News

May 27, 2014 Summary

 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum; Bethel Station lots and buildings for sale; How Boston Globe readers will see Maine for vacations; New Garden at Ruthies; Selectmen Meet – Topic – Finding a New Town Manager; MLT Guest Speaker Joanne Grohman; Gould Academy Planned Renovation; Looking Back – Bethel Bicycles in the 1890’s

June 2014

Bethel Area Nonprofits Fair

Thursday at the Moses Mason House, all of the local nonprofit organizations held a “show and tell” fair similar to the Bethel Business expos held previously at Telstar. For casual visitors the fair not only informed the visitor on who they were and what they did but had members present to talk about their respective organizations. Nonprofits attending or having displays at the fair started with the Upton Historical Society, the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce, Bethel Outing Club, Congregational Church Crop Walk, Mahoosuc Land Trust, Mahoosuc Kids, the Alan Day Community Garden, Bethel Library Association, University of Maine 4-H Camp, River Valley Healthy Communities and David Bean was on hand for the Food Pantry.

Bethel has an interim town manager – Stephen Eldridge.

Wednesday, Stephen Eldridge took over the Town Manager’s desk and duties. It will be his until December 1st when the selectmen will have to have signed up a new regular manager. Mr. Eldridge has been touring town facilities as part of a quick orientation. He has sixteen years experience as manager of different towns including Rumford, Lisbon and Greene. All of these towns have larger populations than Bethel, ranging from four thousand plus to nine thousand plus and socio-economic profiles quite different from our

L-R Randy Autry, Gabe Perkins, Manager Jim Doar, incoming Town Manager Steve Eldridge, Arlan Jodrey, Cathy Newell, Hiram Towle Photo courtesy Cathy Newell

Gould graduating class

At the dedication of the Mary Valentine Wing, Bethel Historical Society

Nancy White addressed the crowd  welcomes guests

Town Meeting for 2014

This year meeting had no surprises and no real debates. Seventy voters attended the meeting which lasted one hour and twelve minutes. Harry Dresser moderated the meeting .

Bike Trek across Maine – It’s 30th Anniversary

Foundation work - the beginning of a two story addition to the Cho Sun restaurant at 141 Main Street

Bonnema Potters

40 Years

By Garret and Melody Bonnema

In the fall of 1973 Melody and I drove to Maine from Pennsylvania to look for a place to buy. We were driving east on route 26 when we noticed a sign (on what is now the Bethel Gateway) that read “Leaving Bethel - home of Robert Crane realtor.” It just so happened that a friend of the potter that Melody was apprenticed to at the time had just said to her, “If I was moving to Maine, I would move to Bethel!” She had attended an NTL workshop, and loved everything about being here. We turned the car around and went directly to the office of Robert Crane.


Tuesday’s hearing: presentation of plans for Family Dollar Store to be located next to Rite Aid. Plan for the store building as presented at the hearing has been modified with a gable roof line and windows

Work at Hanscom Hall Begun

For the last ten days or so Favreau Electric contractors from Brunswick have been installing new heavy duty electrical lines into the ground floor area as upgraded infrastructure for the complete renovation of ground floor facilities.

Art Fair Weekend

Having four serious art events during one weekend is, to me anyway, a little overwhelming. Kathy, Ashton and I made quick visits to first the Shy, Novice and Closeted Friday evening soiree, and the next morning hit the Art Fair on the Common (“Les Halles” de Bethel Common), then went to see Lauren Head’s exhibit at Gould, then to the Shy, Novice and Closeted and on to Elements Art at the Philbrook Place.

Bethel’s NAPA Kelley Auto Parts – New Ownership

The NAPA auto parts store in Bethel is under new ownership. Tony Carter of Dixfield is the new owner; business is incorporated in Maine as B&B Auto and Truck Supply, Inc. doing business as Kelley Auto Parts. In addition to Bethel, the company has stores in Bridgton, ME as well as Conway, Lincoln and Berlin, NH. Mr. Carter plans to increase the Bethel store inventory by about $100,000 and will keep the same staff.


Pipe line work at Vernon Street

New England Forest Rally at Sunday River

Molly Ockett



And on the Common

Christine Landes, Bethel’s new Town Manager was introduced at  the November 11, 2014 selectmen’s meeting.