Dr. Sherman S. Greenleaf was born in Starks, Maine, March 8, 1893, the son of Zelber E. and Lena (Flu) Greenleaf. His education was received in the schools of Starks, the Toronto Veterinary College and at the Veterinary School of Ontario. He received a degree from the Massachusetts School of Embalming.

Dr. Greenleaf married Miss Mabel Stevens of Chesterville, Maine and they have four children: Arlene M., Robert L., John S., and Sherman Elden.  Dr. Greenleaf has been located in Madison, Skowhegan, and in 1920 came to Bethel. He is a popular mortician and veterinary.

Dr. and Mrs. Greenleaf are pleasantly located with home and office in the G.L. Thurston homestead in Kimball Park. He is a member of the Bethel Lions Club and the Sudbury Lodge, K. of P.

Dr. Greenleaf in 1931

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