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Town Reports for 1897



Extracts from the Bethel town reports for the fiscal year 1897 appear below.These pages cover town officers, financial activity and valuation, miscellaneous expenses, the town health board report and the school superintendentís report.Original documents are part of the Bethel Historical Societyís document collection.




Town officers

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Selectmenís report

Bethelís total value in 1897 was $ 798,232; the total appropriation for 1897 was $12,345.67.Poll tax was collected from 548 citizens- voters at $2.00 per person.


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Page 2 of Selectmenís Report

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Miscellaneous expenses for 1897


Selected items were:printing town reports, $52; selectmenís office rent paid to Bethel Savings Bank, $60; Mosler Safe for selectmenís office, $180.60; Eugene Prescott was paid for damage on highway, $50; books and material for Board of Health, $32.59.Total miscellaneous expenses came to $548.08, $248.08 more than the $300 appropriated.





Page 2 of Miscellaneous Expenses



Financial Standing of the Town Ė Balance Sheet


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Page 2 of Financial Standing




Board of Health Report





School Superintendentís Report

Dr. John A. Twaddle was Superintendent of Schools for 1897.Three terms of school lasted 28 weeks.Bethelís teachers continued their retraining throughout the year according to the stateís policies. School funds available in 1897 amounted to $3,505. (The town appropriation was $2,000.)



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Page 2 of Superintendentís Report






Special accounts for Pleasant River bridge replacement


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