Introduction:  The Bethel Town Report that was printed and distributed for the 1892 annual town meeting consised of three sections:


(1)     The financial reports of town officers and appropriated fund activities for the calendar year 1891.

(2)      The Supervisor of Schools report for calendar year 1891.

(3)      The town meeting warrant for the annual town meeting business for the March 1892 town meeting.


In order to make the contents of town reports and the journal of news agree as to the calendar year, the reports with the 1892 journal are as follows:


(1)     Financial reports for 1892 -  these reports were not prepared and printed until February 1893.

(2)     School Supervisor’s Report for 1892 – again not written and printed until February 1893.

(3)     The Annual Town Meeting Warrant for the March 1892 town meeting that was part of the 1892 Town Report which contained reports of 1891 activities.


The 1892 Annual Town Meeting and later special town meetings in calendar year 1892 appropriated funds to be spent in 1892. One of the weaknesses of the town reports is that minutes of meetings and the resulting decisions taken by the voters are not printed and distributed.  In this case, the minutes will be obtained and added at a future date.



Click on the underlined headings below to open the listed document: 


1892 Annual Meeting Warrant

Page 1  of the town report

Pages 2  Town Officers for 1892

Page 3  Selectmen’s Report, Valuation of the town, Appropriations for 1892.  The total amount appropriated was $12,057.13 (This amount included any additional appropriations that occurred in special town meetings held after March 1892.)

Page 4  continuation of Selectmen’s Report.

Page 5   continuation of Selectmen’s Report and Schools.

Page 6  Special Appropriations and Abatements

Page 7  Town Officers’ Bills and Miscellaneous Expenses (often the most interesting and telling section of the report – notice that Mrs. Olive Mason received $10 for a desk for the selectmen’s new office in the Cole Block.

Page 8   Liquor Agency Account and Financial Standing of the Town.

Page 9   continuation of Financial Standing Account and Treasurer’s Account

Page 10  continuation of Treasurer’s Account.