Text Box: 1891 Gould Academy Journal
April 18, 2006



The Bethel Journals

Compiled by Donald G Bennett


January 20: The village schools have closed and due to the shortness of the winter term a private school has opened for those who wish to attend at the academy and taught by Miss Inez Stewart.  January 27:  The second of the series of lectures being given at Gould Academy occurred January 19th. The subject was “Combustion” which was scientifically illustrated


March 3:  The winter term of Gould Academy opened last Tuesday. March 17: West Bethel: Only about half of our Gould Academy students could attend school this week due to prevalent coughs and bad colds


April 24: A business college course of exercises is introduced into Gould Academy by Mr. (Prof.) Hall. Ceylon Rowe has given ten dollars towards a replenishment of books in Gould Academy Library. Funds are being raised for that purpose. Students of Gould Academy had a surprise sugar party and sociable Thursday. First event of the evening surprised the principal. Misses Farwell, Pride and Grover had taken a paper through the village and raised over $50 for the (Academy’s) library. The reading room “promised well last year” reaching above expectations. All the magazines and papers promised for this year have been received except the “Atlantic” and Youth’s Companion. “For these and this last token of good will we are indebted to the kindly interest of Bethel people and their generosity.


May 15: Bethel: Mrs. Jacob Horton of Bethel who is about to leave for California has made a valuable contribution to the zoological collection at Gould Academy. It is a collection of over 750 different kinds of eggs including those of turtles, snakes and even a humming bird’s egg. Her fine collection of specimens is now in the cabinet and opens for viewing. The Gould Academy Athletic Association has just finished grading and fixing a nice lawn for croquet. The popular Newport game will be a favorite with the ladies. The association’s new flying rings have been in use this week; good hard muscle is expected as a result of their use. Rev. Mr. Barton preaches the baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class next Sunday. May 29: Gould Academy: A successful term closed Thursday with an examination in the morning and graduation exercises in the evening. The Bethel Water Company has voted to give water to the two public schools in town and to Gould Academy.


[Special to the Oxford County Advertiser.]


Gould Academy Alumni Association. For some time it has been thought by the students of Gould Academy, that it would be an excellent plan to form an alumni association, in order that at least once a year, a reunion might be held of those scholars and classmates, who have gone out from the Academy from year to year.          

But heretofore, no steps have been taken to carry out this plan, until at the close of  the last term, when through the efforts of Prof. Hall, the two classes of ‘90 and ‘91 met at the Elms House and formed such an association , electing the following officers: President, B.L. Bryant; vice President, Maude Kimball; secretary, Alice Pride; treasurer, Arthur Wiley. But we find that no accurate account has been kept for the last twenty years, of the various classes. Partly because of the frequent changes of teachers, and partly because there has been no organization upon whom this duty would fall.     

For this reason we would ask, that all those who can give us information regard to any of the se classes, of who they were composed, and as far as possible their business and address at the present time, not only would confer a great favor upon the present officers, but would help to carry out a work, which we hope will be of some use to the institution., and productive of many pleasant gatherings in the future.     

Let each one, for the moment, lay aside their many busy cares, and , in your thoughts wander back to the many pleasant and profitable hours spend at the Old Academy, and consider , whether or not, it would be pleasant to meet again, the same boys and the same girls, only of “older growth,” with whom you enjoyed so many happy days.     This is what we are striving to do, and we trust that we shall not be disappointed, but shall receive the cordial aid of all the former students. Kindly address all communications to the president at Bethel.




Note in the advertisement above, printed in August 1891, that the academy calls itself “Gould Academy” although its official name remained “Gould’s Academy.”


September 8: West Bethel: Several scholars attending Gould Academy from West Bethel are boarding at home. September 11:  Bethel: Gould Academy has opened with every indication of a prosperous term. The Senior Class has showed great energy and tact in the management of the school ride and picnic Monday. The outing’s description covers its trip to “Peake’s Hill” at sundown, a corn roast and marvelous views of the river valley and mountains.


October 13: The second annual field day of the Interscholastic Athletic League was held at the (Oxford) county fair grounds Saturday afternoon. The schools represented in the league are Bridgton Academy, Gould Academy, Hebron Academy and Norway High School. The program consisted of track and field events.


November 27: Gould Academy students entertained the village people in A.S. Bean’s Hall (in West Bethel) with a mock trial and other presentations.


December 4:  North Newry: Genie Littlehale is to return with Maenette to Bethel to attend Gould’s Academy.


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