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Art. 15. To establish the rate per cent, for collecting taxes for the ensuing year.

Art. 16. To see if the town will vote to discontinue the road leading from a point on the county road, near Wash­ington Crooker's, to the house of Josiah H. George, on Bird Hill.


Art. 17. To see if the town will vote to discontinue a piece of road leading from near R.D. Cummings' house, directly to the burying ground, on Bird Hill.


Art. 18. To see what disposition the town will make with the property at the toll bridge, consisting of the toll house and its belongings.


Art. 19. To see if the town will vote to raise money for repairs on school houses, and how much.

Art. 20. To see if the town will vote to instruct the treasurer to get the toll bridge, so called, insured against fire.


Art. 21.    To receive and allow accounts.


Art. 22.    To see if the town will vote to tax dogs.


Art. 23. To see if the town will allow H. H. Hutchins to draw his school money from Bethel and expend the same in Rumford.


Art. 24. Too see if the town will vote to accept the list of jurors as revised and presented by the .selectmen, clerk and town treasurer.


Art. 25. To see if the town will vote to license a liquor agency.


Art. 26. To see what action the town will take regard­ing the piece of road leading from the Rabbit road, so call­ed, to Howe Hill.

The selectmen will be in session at Ideal Hall, at nine o'clock, A. M., on the day of town meeting, to revise the list of voters.

Given under our hands this I5th day of February, 1889.

A. W. GROVER, C.  M. KIMBALL and E. S. KILBORN,       Selectmen of Bethel.


Part V

Names in the News


Bethel Hill:  Bethel Water Company is incorporated. The corporators were William E. Skillings, Addison E. Herrick, Enoch Foster, Samuel D. Phil­brook, Enoch W. Woodbury, Gideon A. Hastings, Gilman P. Bean and Ceylon Rowe. Its object as stated in the charter is to supply the village of Bethel Hill with pure water.  (Corporators for the Bethel Village Corporation and the Bethel Water Company were virtually the same people wearing two hats.)


April, E. Richardson and Son are sawing spool strips which the sell to W. E. and J. P. Skillings, (Bethel Steam Mill) the largest spool manufacturers in Maine. The Bethel House proprietors have marked improvements to their property – moving the stable away from the main house allowing for a driveway around the hotel. The street laid out a few weeks ago connecting Chapman and Broad Streets has been named Mason Street.  Many think that it should have been named Chandler Street on account of the untiring efforts of Abiel Chandler, Jr., to obtain its location.


O’Neil Hastings our genial former postmaster has gone to Wild River where he will engage in business with his brother – David R. Hastings, Second.   Col. C.S. Edwards started for Gettysburg where he will be Maine representative in the battlefield monuments commission. July, Moses A. Mason has cut about 75 tons of hay-barn filled to the ridgepole-about 125 tons of old hay was still in the barn.  Dr. J. G. Gehring and wife (Broad Street’s real life soap opera in ’89.) have returned from Boston with a car load of household furniture. Many summer social activities were reported. The Cecilia Club entertained on the lawn of Mrs. Dr. Gehring. The young people’s Chautauqua Circle under the direction of Mrs. William E. Skillings entertained their friends and the public with readings, recitations and declamations. On August 17, the (young American Prima Dona) Phila May grand concert will be given at Ideal Hall.


Fourth of July, it rained on the 4th of July but a fine celebration anyway. W. E. Skillings and the Hastings Brothers entertained the citizens with a fine display of fireworks on the Common in the evening.  Miss Mary True of Portland was at Bethel a few days last week. 


Gould Academy, 8/20/1889, Mr. A.D. Hall formerly of Beverly, Mass. high school has been appointed (the new) principal, replacing Prof. Dresser.  He is a classical scholar graduate of a leading Pennsylvania college


Mr. Henry B. Flint of Bethel has recently been granted a patent for a heating apparatus. It is a device to use waste chimney heat to provide heat to upper floors of building.  October: Seth Walker and Hastings Brothers are receiving coal and distributing it through the village. There are a dozen coal furnaces and 25 wood furnaces in the village.


Mayville, October Mrs. Valentine, from New York, was stricken with paralysis Saturday and she is very low. She is with her daughter, Mrs. Jacob Horton, and her son, Prof. Wm C. Chapman of New York, is with her as well as her husband.

Gilead:  J.W. Bennett is building a new barn that is 30 x 50 feet near his old one. The first floor will be filled with horse stalls and the loft for hay.  The dry house and it contents near J. W. Bennett’s mill burned – loss of about $300. February 19, Good winter weather – temperature was 20 below. John Bennett has nearly 2,000 cords of wood still in the woods.    John W. Bennett received a car load of oats bought over a month ago.   T.G. Lary has contracted with the Androscoggin Water Power Co. to land 600,000 feet of spruce on the river this winter from his lands in Riley. Leonard Wheeler will cut some 300,000 for the same parties. T.G. Lary raised one-thousand bushels of potatoes this year.  Rob Hastings is sending away large quantities of downs (blown down trees?), some going to Scotland. William Chapman (Chapman Homestead Farm) has received an invoice of 50 Shropshire sheep from Canada.

Albany:  Cyrus Kneeland of the Albany Basin House – He has a large number of boarders and sets a good table. St. John Hastings, of Bethel, has teams operating in Albany where they will put in a steam mill then haul their manufactured lumber to Bethel and take it to market over the Grand Trunk Railroad.  A Mr. Cobb and his wife of Westbrook were visiting in town. Mr. Cobb is about to publish a weekly paper at Bethel Hill, the “Bethel News”.   St. John Hastings and Elias Thomas are hauling their manufactured lumber from Albany to the Bethel station.

Newry: J.A. Thurston’s mill at the Corner shut down last Saturday to give the hands a chance to go blueberrying. A.S. Bean, J.A. Thurston, M.L. Thurston, J.S. Swan, D.A. Cummings are loading cars with spool strips and birch edgings daily at Bethel station depot. J.A. Thurston, M.L. Thurston and D.A. Cummings are sending one load a day. J.A. Thurston is sending from Bethel station molasses shook (wood stock for molasses barrels) for the West Indies market.



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