1887 Bethel Journal

The Bethel Journals

Compiled by Donald G. Bennett

May 8, 2008

Text Box: District School Locations

The district schools which made up the 1887 school house plan for Bethel is shown in the three maps below.  The maps of Bethel were produced in 1880 and generally reflect the town’s road and building situation in 1887.  From 1887 to 1895,  Bethel school management gradually consolidated groups of district schools into the best performing and school in the best structural condition in each area of the town , e.g., West Bethel, East Bethel, South Bethel and Bethel Hill Village.  

School locations are plotted on three separate maps: 24 schools in all.
Text Box: Map # 1

Twelve schools in this part of town:
West Bethel, Bethel Hill, Grover Hill and North Bethel.  A quick glance tells the viewer some of the problems that existed with having so many small school districts.  Districts were run by locally approved agents.
Text Box: Map #2

Three more separate schools: The second map presents school locations of the Middle Interval and Swan Hill settlements.
Text Box: Map # 3

Nine schools in the East part of town .
Here is portrayed the East Bethel, South Bethel and #19, the Milton Plantation and Bethel joint school.